Seminar March 11: Pierre Recouvreux (group of M. Dogterom)

Next monday March 11th at 2 pm in room 8007, Pierre Recouvreux from the group of Marileen Dogterom (AMOLF, Amsterdam, will give a seminar entitled:

“Minimal microtubule-based system for the establishment of polarization in fission yeast”

Pierre Recouvreux did his PhD at the Curie Institute under the supervision of Jean-Louis Viovy on the nanomanipulation of single chromatin fibers with magnetic tweezers. In the group of Marileen Dogterom, he is investigating the microtubule dynamics and maintenance of fission yeast cells morphology.

Recent papers from Pierre Recouvreux:

  • Dissecting spindle architecture with a laser, Recouvreux P, Dogterom M, Cell. 2012 Apr 27;149(3):507-9. Preview on Cell. 2012 Apr 27; 149(3):554-64.
  • Effect of linker histone H5 on single chromatin fibers dynamics, Recouvreux P, Lavelle C, Barbi M, Conde e Silva N, Le Cam E, Victor JM, Viovy JL (2011) Biophysical Journal 100(11):2726-35