Anthony Hyman, Germany : EMBO KEYNOTE LECTURE “Liquid phase separation in organization of cytoplasm”EMBO_logo_RGBblack_outlined

Gaudenz Danuser, USA: “Inferring causality in complex signaling pathways”

Danelle Devenport, USA: “Planar cell polarity in the mammalian epidermis”

Michael Dustin, UK: “Self-assembly and transport processes in the immunological synapse”

Jorge Galan, USA: “Salmonella Typhi and typhoid fever: new insights into an old disease”

Darren Gilmour, Germany:

Stephan Grill, Germany: “Mechanochemical Pattern Formation.”

Jay Groves, USA-Singapore: “Signal transduction on membrane surfaces : the role of space, force and time”

Sally Horne-Badovinac, USA:  “Round and round gets you somewhere : mechanisms controlling egg chamber elongation in Drosophila”

Anna-Maria Lennon, France:“Coordinating cell migration and cell function”

Rong Li, USA: “Dosage, stoichiometry and cellular adaptability”

Isabelle Maridonneau-Parini, France: “Podosomes : mechanosensory protrusive structures involved in 3D macrophage migration”

Madan Rao, India:

Geraldine Seydoux, USA: “Order in the cytoplasm: regulation of RNA granule dynamics”

Michael Sixt, Austria: “Membrane to actin communication in migrating cells”

Iva Tolic, Croatia: “Forces in the mitotic spindle”

Valerie Weaver, USA: “Forcing Malignancy and Metastasis”

Orion Weiner, USA: “Use the force : mechanical integration of  cell polarity during neutrophil chemotaxis”


PROGRAMM – QBio 2015

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