Trainings 2014-2015

Focus on Imaging

January 12 to 16th , 2015

affiche-training-imaging 2015

This training is an introductory course to different microscopy techniques, dedicated to PhD students willing to explore the most advanced and popular techniques used for biological applications.

The course is being held, in Luminy, in the laboratories (AFM, CIML, IBDM). It is composed of theoretical courses (12h) on the techniques basics and principle and hands-on practical (20h) in small groups (4 students per mentor/machine).

By the end of the training the students should have a good understanding of Basic optics, Wide Field Microscopy, Confocal Microscopy, F-techniques (FRAP), Electron Microscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy, Dyes, Detectors, Single molecule imaging, Super-resolution, Image processing and Quantitative analysis.



Download hereA focus on Imaging 2015 – PROGRAM

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Pre-registration open to all PhD students from Aix-marseille University until December 19th 2014:

The training is limited to 16 students to maximize access to the microscopes.

Due to high demand, we will have to select applicants. Final registration will be validated end-december upon acceptance.

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