INFORM PhD Students

2014 Fellows:

Anaïs Sadoun, French, Biologist: Teams P. Bongrand (LAI) and Team  P. Bongrand (LAI) , Supervisor: Pierre-Henri Puech, Co-supervisor: Yannick Hamon – Micromechanical properties of T lymphocytes and their signaling.

Lucrecia Alberdi, Argentine, Biologist: Team JP. Gorvel (CIML), Supervisor: Stephane Meresse, Co-supervisor: Simon Scheuring – Definition of a minimal in vitro system for the formation Salmonella-induced tubules-like structures and their biochemical and biophysical characterization.

Kahina Kourdache, Franco-Algerian, Biologist: Team D. MarguetJ. Ewbank (CIML), Supervisor: Didier Marguet, Co-supervisor: Simon Scheuring – Signaling processes regulation by cell membrane dynamics.

Anaïs Bailles, French, Bio-physicist: Team Team T. Lecuit (IBDM)– Supervisor: Thomas LECUIT, Co-supervisor: Pierre-François Lenne – Intercellular coupling and mechanical feedbacks during morphogenesis.


2013  Fellows:

Clara Taffoni, Italian: Team  J. Ewbank (CIML) – Monitoring the first steps in the host response to fungal infection in C. elegans epidermis.

Yoon Koo, Korean: Teams AM. Lellouch (LAI) and JP. Gorvel (CIML) – Influence of pathogenic stimuli on integrin mediated T lymphocyte motility

Pruthvi Chavadimane, Indian: Team PF. Lenne (IBDM) – How to make a new contact between cells during tissue morphogenesis.

Shilpa Kaur, Indian: Team V. Bertrand (IBDM) – Quantitative map of molecular interactions during tissue polarization in vivo

Veronika Aksenova, Russian: Team A. Le Bivic (IBDM) – Role of Crumbs and par3 in the stability of epithelial junction in Drosophila melanogaster

Florence Capo, French: Team J. Royet (IBDM) – Mechanisms of peptidoglycan sensing and signaling in Drosophila gut.


2012  Fellows:

Girish Kale, Indian : Team T. Lecuit (IBDM)– Molecular mechanisms of force transmission by E-cadherin molecules in epithelia.



All INFORM PhD students already attended at least one international Workshop, a week long practical training on imaging techniques and a 2 weeks long “PhD starting program”.

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