The coordinators oversee the progress of the INFORM project, in accordance to general principles of international, interdisciplinary, and innovative research and training. The coordinators are:

thomas P Francois Pierre-François Lenne (IBDM)

Thomas Lecuit (IBDM)


Two managers have joined the governance team. Mélina De Oliveira oversees finance and budget, recruitment, and event management and planning. Larysa Kazheunikava is  in charge of implementation of scientific strategies. She covers the establishment of communication tools, the running of PhD program, the management of events from the scientific point of view and the organization of partnerships.

gouvernance 2014 mélina + sandrine

 Mélina De Oliveira, Financial Manager,

Larysa Kazheunikava, Scientific Manager,


An external Scientific Advisory board (SAB) is regularly consulted to evaluate the scientific and training objectives of the LABEX and propose orientations and recommendations. It is composed of experts of the different disciplines covered by INFORM.

SAB membersProfessor Gisou Van der Goot, Chair (Global Health Institute, Lausanne)
Professor Gaudenz Danuser (Harvard Medical School)
Professor Mickael Dustin (Skirball, New-York University)
Professor L. Mahadevan (Dept of Physics, Harvard University)
Professor James Nelson (Stanford University)