Speakers – Lectures


1 historical introduction of quantitative approaches and 1 in depth course on each subject.


Michael Glotzer (MGCB, University of Chicago, USA) – Cytokinesis, RhoA, Cell Polarity, Optogenetics

Lecture 1:  Cytokinesis – historical primer and overview

Lecture 2: The centralspindlin complex: from division plane positioning to cell separation


Michael Levine (University of California, Berkley, USA) – Gene networks, genetic regulatory codes

Lecture 1: Gradient thresholds pattern the precellular Drosophila embryo

Lecture 2: Mechanisms of transcriptional precision


Rong Li (Stowers Institute, Kansas, USA) – Cytoskeleton dynamics, GTPase signaling, cell cycle regulation, cellular evolution

Lecture 1:  Dynamic processes governing asymmetric cell division in budding yeast

Lecture 2:  Mechanisms of cell polarization and establishment of asymmetric cell fate in yeast


Andrew Oates (MRC, London, UK)- Embryogenesis, Pattern formation, Oscillations, 

Lecture 1: Quantitative approaches to patterning in developmental biology

Lecture 2:  Measuring and modeling oscillations in embryonic patterning


Guillaume Salbreux (MPI, Dresden, Germany) – Soft matter physics, Theoretical physics, Physics of the cytoskeleton 

Lecture 1:  Physics of the cytoskeleton: from microscopic properties to coarse-grained descriptions

Lecture 2:  From cytoskeletal forces to cell and tissue motion


Julie Thériot (Stanford, USA) – Chemistry and physics of cell motility

Lecture 1:

Lecture 2:


Jan Traas (ENS, Lyon, France) – Plant Development, Morphogenesis    

Lecture 1: Morphogenesis in plants

Lecture 2: The making of a flower: morphodynamics at the shoot apical meristem